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April 27, 2013; Enchanted Castle Photography/Modeling Workshop,
Bellville, TX.

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Texas Photo Shoot Workshops with ThePhotoBinder Event presents "Enchanted Castle" Photo Shoot Workshop on April 27th.


The Enchanted Castle Workshop is a photographer dream, with plenty of outside locations along with a great courtyard inside the castle. The photo options are endless from the wooded tree lines, draw bridge, look-out tower, long dining hall, winding four story stair case, canopy bedrooms, dungeon, chapel and a real moat. We will bring our many wedding dresses. The location is Bellville TX which is less than an hour outside of SW Houston.

Photographers can bring a portable lights or shoot with natural light. With Registration - you will receive entree to the Castle, a badge, narrated story about the history of the castle before the long shoot and lunch will be provided in the castle.

Registration is $50 for Photographers and Models. Note that all guest will have a small fee of $15 to enter which will include lunch.

Registration will be cut off after spots are filled and head count is done. Anyone under 17 must have one adult registered with them.

We have to all meet at 10am to carrivan to the castle and go on a tour. Shooting will start promptly after the tour of the Castle. The shoot will be over 2pm.

Modeling is open for all ages include 4 yrs-up; Actors and Models are welcome to register for a life time photo shoot experience.

We may have Makeup Artists but not guaranteed per registration.

All Levels of Photographers Skills are welcome. From 1st time beginners to season professionals.

All the workshops are gear to help build your portfolio as well as learn new technics and see what other models's are doing. Best of all you get to network with other Photographers and Models who can help you make leaps and bounds in a very short time.

Enchanted Castle Workshop
Saturday April 27, 2013
Bellville Texas.
11AM to 2PM

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Cost $50.00 per Photographer

All guest must pay a small fee of $15 to enter the Castle grounds.

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Models must supply there own attire.

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