Kicking off Boho in Blue

Mar 28, 2015

Kicking off Boho in Blue

It time to shoot again. Everyone needs a break from a 10 year run. And it was a nice break to travel and not think what is next or what else needs to be done. So after a 9 month hiatus; Yes we are back doing workshops, shoot outs and private concept shoots to get creative. I even started from scratch on our web site. 

We are kicking off the workshops with a Bohomian Blue Bonnet Shoot Out. This concept has attracted models from all over Texas this time. We have models of all ages and photographers are almost all sold out. We have some cool props and ideas for this shoot out. I can’t wait to shoot this epic shoot out.

3 month Workshop line up; 
April 12 bohemian blue bonnets in Brenham, TX 
May 17 Annual Studio Pinup in Sugar Land, TX 
June 27/28 SOS swimsuit Sunrise and Sunset and Sunrise, Surfaside, TX. 

We have other private shoot coming with a few workshop in the work. We are going to test out some new props and the Mentors want to bring back the Wet n Wild small series Shoots. It’s going to be some haute nights this summer.  Last month us Mentors got together to shoot a Warrior Shoot. We invited some models and we wished we could have invited them all. It was more fun talking to everyone and we did a little shooting in between. Thanks to all the models and makeup artists that came out to play with us. 

We are focusing on giving photographers instant portfolios in one shoot that would take a year or two to get. Our workshops can be more educational if you came before the shoot even starts. Join the work. We are open to let photographers that register come help set up and learn what it takes to use studio lighting of all kinds and set up staged props for models. Come meet the models and makeup artist in action. Come early and goof off with us. We are just like old friends, we are family and help each other on and off the set.  Models are hand picked by first interest and we like to pick experienced ones, popular ones and we always want one or two new ones. There isn’t a formula – we always have a waiting list. Many people ask how we find our models. Since we started, the models find us and we will contact models that are apart of us over and over for speciality shoots. We love the models we work with and its the most safest, healthiest shoots to grow and network. Our workshops are a production and many returning photographers might say we bring in too many helpers and paid photographers; but I tell you it’s a formula that is on a tight budget. It has to pay for itself in the least and it has to help cover expenses for props and attire. If you think all the models have clothes and hair items, you would guess wrong. Models will show up in jeans and heels. We pay for the best makeup artist around and intern a few others.  Models are opened to bring guests and watch them model. Thou we are usually tight with space but we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable. So with that said we open the doors to any models wanting to come model and know what it is to shoot with a real production workshop.

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