Since 2005 The Photo Binder has been focused on Photographer Events.  We specialize in Event Photography and printing on location.  We have competitive Prices that will not break your budget. We have a team of the best Photographers around Houston and Texas.  We are insured for Events and Prepared with the top of line equipment.  WE PRINT ON LOCATION at Corporate Events.

Family Photo Sessions and Bridal Photo Sessions are available on request for a small sitting fee. 

We host Concept Shoot Outs and Photo Shoot outs as "Texas Photo Shoot Workshops" to teach and help Photographers grow.

Private Shoots are done on requests for affordable prices.


Join the Shoot to learn, build your portfolio, network and shoot unique concepts.  We are safe and work with the best Lighting Mentors around.  We are always looking for new models, makeup artists, and designers to work with. Check out our long lines of Videos of past workshops to see behind the scenes of our shoots since 2005.


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